softtub-cityThe Softub 300 provides the ultimate in luxury, easily accommodating up to six adults.(pictured with optional Wicker Rattan Surround)

You will experience 27" deep soaking comfort and spacious wide-open barrier free seating.  The 300 is the ideal spa for rehabilitative therapy, with 5 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, a Therapy Seat and 2 pulsating jets that are strategically targeted to reach those commonly sore areas on your lower back.

Setup of a 300, like all Softubs is an ease.  The 300 spa rolls through any standard doorway.  There is no need for special site preparation, no heavy duty electrical service, no special plumbing or concrete pad and no heavy cranes!  Just roll your Softub 300 into your yard, hook it up, add water with a garden hose and enjoy!

And as with all Softubs, everything is included and there are no hidden costs

Here’s what you get in each Softub Package:

    Softub Hot Tub
    Folding Thermal Lid with (4) Combination Locking Devices
    HydroMate Power Pak (1.5 hp)

Thermostatic Temperature Controller and Smart Chip (adjustable from 80 to 106 degrees)

Multi coloured LED light

    5 Year Limited Warranty
    Years of hot water enjoyment (adjustable from 80 to 106 degrees)!

Softub 330 Specifications
 Capacity  5-6 People
 Jets  7
 Outer Diameter  78 in.
 Inner Diameter  65 In.
 Water Capacity 300 Gallons
 Empty Weight:  
  Tub 80 Lbs.
  Motor Pack 37 Lbs.
  Lid 30 Lbs.
 Filled Weight:  
  (Tub, Lid, Pack & Water) 2725 Lbs.
Inner Shell Polybond Foam
Upholstery Leather Tex
  Marine-Grade Vinyl
 Voltage 110 V
 MSRP $5,195.00


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