Escape... relax... take a soak at your leisure in your very own Softub 140, designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space. Its five foot diameter makes it the perfect spa for balconies, patios and even the basement. Space will no longer be an issue when you purchase this spa. It's perfect for two people, or for performing water exercises. Its four jets are placed to target those troubled spots to allow you to melt away your tensions at the end of a hard day, or start your day off right.


Softub  140 Specifications
  T 140
 Capacity 1-2 People
 Jets  4
 Outer Diameter 59 in.
 Inner Diameter 50 in.
 Water Capacity 140 Gallons
 Empty Weight:  
  Tub 50 Lbs.
  Motor Pack 37 Lbs.
  Lid  20 Lbs.
 Filled Weight:  
  (Tub, Lid, Pack & Water) 1445 Lbs.
Inner Shell Polybond Foam
Upholstery Leather Tex
  Marine-Grade Vinyl
 Voltage 110 V
 MSRP $3,595.00


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